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Welcome to Haywards Heath Honey Company.

Honey bees are hitting the headlines on an almost daily basis due to the declining numbers and the way a lot of other species including us rely on their pollination of crops and fruit plants in order for there to be a harvest.

It is said by scientists that 1 in 3 mouthfuls can be directly attributed to the bee and the declining numbers are of big concern. Decline in numbers will no doubt have something to do with man as we upset sensitive ecosystems through construction and modern farming techniques, the latter is currently under the spot light and continues to be researched.

The honeybee appears to be thriving in urban areas more so than in rural areas where you would expect to find them. It is with this in mind that beekeepers have started to bring their bees closer to or directly into towns and cities across the UK, in London the honeybee is proving to thrive. This is all because there is a greater source of forage, whilst it may not look like it within a concrete jungle there are many trees, green areas and parks, peoples window boxes and gardens and of course sponsored roundabouts all of which are replanted regularly with new flowering plants so therefore providing a good forage for bees.

It is with this in mind that Tony experimented with a hive of bees in the country and one in the town of Haywards Heath. The bees in the country, despite the fantastic summer, were needing to be fed a supplementary food to keep them going whereas the bees in the town thrived so much they produced 50lbs of surplus honey. 

Now with 4 Haywards Heath apiaries in which to keep 16 colonies of bees, it is hoped that all hives will work the towns forage and the bees will once again thrive allowing increase in colonies which can only be a good thing. It's a small part in the global situation of the decline in bees but an important one.

Tony is not a honey lover, it is all about the good of the bees, however the honey, when available, can be purchased by sending your order via the contact form. All proceeds goes back into the bees to help provide for new colonies and replacement of old equipment.

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