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Think you have a Swarm of honey bees ?

Swarm season is April to July with a peak usually in May.

There are many species of bee in the UK all having their place in the insect kingdom.

Often beekeepers are called out for Wasps, Bumble Bees and other flying insect nests. However the beekeeper will not remove / collect anything other than honeybees.

When honeybees swarm it can be a frightening sight as many thousands of bees will take to the air in search of a new home all at the same time and is the natural way for the honeybee to increase population. On their journey they will come to rest every so often maybe only a couple hundred meters are flown between rests. When they come to a rest the bees will cluster forming a ball of bees around the queen to protect her while scout bees go off in search of a suitable place to make their new home the cluster will form on pretty much anything... branches, guttering, swings basically anything. It is at this time where the beekeeper is able to collect the bees and give them a new home in a managed apiary environment.

Knowing if you have a swarm of Honey Bees... if you are unsure then please check the British Beekeepers Association guide on types of bees to help identify a swarm of honey bees. http://www.bbka.org.uk/help/do_you_have_a_swarm.php if the bees have clustered similar as shown and are in the RH16 local area Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK and surrounding villages and towns then please do not hesitate to contact me 01444 676007. I do not make any charge for this except maybe a cup of tea. I am not able to attend all call outs but in the event I cannot come to your swarm I will endeavour to find a fellow beekeeper to attend.

I will not remove Wasps, Bumblebees or any other type of insect.

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